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The same quality and service to all our clients!

We value all our clients as much as we value our business. Therefore, we will never sacrifice in the quality of our products. The quality and service we offer to the private market, are the same quality and service we offer to our international and corporate clients.


To share these products with the public, will continuously be a main priority of our sales team.

Find more information on our retail & private offering below.


We have got a large private-client base, and are thankful for each and every private client who chooses us as their firewood supplier. There's a lot of competitors in the market when it comes to private firewood deliveries, therefore, we are thankful for each client's constant, loyal support. We know why our clients choose us and would love for you to become a private client of Stax of Wood, to experience what sets us apart from other competitors in the private market.


  • Private residents

  • Residential estates

  • Public organizations (contact management for information on fundraising opportunities).

  • Schools (contact management for information on fundraising opportunities).


  • You are encouraged to visit contact us for more information on our offering to private clients and to place your order.

  • Alternatively, please feel free to contact management or our sales team for more information.

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