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We supply nationally throughout South Africa! 

Our first major corporate client is Woolworths RSA. We launched Woolworths' first firewood product in 2013 and has since been their sole supplier, supplying to Woolworths stores nationwide.


We have also partnered with another major retailer in South Africa, Makro, as the supplier to their online store, Makro Marketplace.


We are also well known as the supplier to numerous supermarkets, fuel stations, brokers and the famously called "woodyards".

Find more information on our national & wholesale offering below.


Despite the negative economic impact due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have experienced significant growth as a company throughout the 2019-2021 financial years. This ensured us to increase employment for South Africans during these troubled times our country experienced due to the pandemic. We strive to create employment for South Africans to uplift as many lives we possibly can.


  • Corporate clients

  • Supermarkets

  • Fuel stations

  • Woodyards

  • Industry brokers


  • Throughout the past decade of distributing Namibian firewood, we have well established relations with major transport companies. This ensures that we are able to deliver to any destination nation-wide.

  • Due to the rapid pace we are experiencing growth, we are always open for new transportation companies for transportation services, nationally and internationally from Namibia. Feel free to contact management with your rates.


  • With many of our clients, we have client/supplier agreements in place between us and the client. These agreements are legally binding and are available to any new client who demands a contractual agreement.

  • We are open to discuss and negotiate payment terms, best suited for your business.


  • We are well familiar with the process and structure of corporate contracts/agreements, thus, we encourage any corporate entity to contact management ​in order for us to become your supplier.

  • At Stax of Wood, we strive to supply all our clients with the same quality products. We wish for each supermarket and fuel station to experience the high-end product we deliver to all our clients. We are open to discuss payment terms, best suited for your business.

  • Due to the scale of the industry, we know that not all woodyards and brokers are able to import firewood, therefore, we are here to supply you with our high quality firewood. Get in touch with our Sales Manager to discuss our offering.

  • We offer our experience and service to help other businesses with the importation of Namibian firewood. Contact our team to discuss our service in this regard.

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